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The aim of this site is to distribute the information the team has gained from its recent discovery of a miniature Second World War Germany submarine, known as a Seehund, off the Goodwin Sands in UK territorial waters. It shows what can be achieved by a group of keen enthusiasts with limited funding and the extent to which the dull slowly rusting remains of a shipwreck can be brought to life as the historical context and lives of those involved are revealed.

Examine the pages we have collated and discover how towards the end of World War II, inspired by British X-Class submarines captured in an attempt to sink the Tirpitz (Operation Source) in Kafjord, northern Norway, Germany developed these diminutive boats carrying twin torpedoes.

The project has brought together a wide range of people from several countries working together to unlock the events in March 1945 which eventually lead to the sinking of this tiny submarine. It is hoped that this will, in some small way, inspire others to make public information they have discovered about their favourite wreck sites.

If anyone has any further information they wish to share with us please make use of the ‘Contact Us’ pages.

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