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The following videos are taken from the dives the team has made of the U-5377 Seehund discovered on the Goodwin Sands just off the Kent coast in the UK. For the videos to work you may have to enable ActiveX Controls

Underwater visibility is generally poor in this area even though the wreck is only in some 20 metres of water. However despite this the use of wide angle lenses have allowed good images to be captured.


The YouTube video above will allow you to follow the team members as they explore the small submarine and highlights key diagnostic features that allowed us to uniquely identify her as the U-5377, depth charged and forced to the surface on 11th March 1945. The crew were taken off and made prisoners of war after which the Seehund was scuttled.


The YouTube video above was taken aboard ‘Tusker II’ after one of the dives to the Seehund. It follows a talk between team member Klaus Mattes (author of Die Seehunde) and diver Keith Clark discussing technical details of these small WWII craft. Klaus is holding the Seehund model which allowed divers to plan their dives efficiently before entering the water.


The YouTube video above is an interesting American post war production describing of a variety of German midget submarines. A description of the Seehund is given starting at 2:38


The YouTube video above was kindly posted by a visitor to the Musée national de la Marine in Brest, France. It shows the German  Seehund submarine on dry land and many features observed underwater by the team on U-5377 can clearly be seen such as the lifting lugs, torpedo clamps and air intake. It should be pointed out that some of the thin metal casing around the conning tower and air intake on U-5377 has disintegrated over time leaving only the thicker pressure hull visible.

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